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Thanks to 6 experts in horse-trading, Equinia offers you multiple auction opportunities that are open to everyone: professionals or amateurs, breeders associations, Stud-Book managers based in France or abroad. We provide you with a commercial tool allowing you to sell your horses and organize your sale:

You can sell foals, young horses, performers.
Your name will be highlighted and not that of Equinia during the promotional media plan.

We offer you 2 types of sales:

  • « Hybrids »: The sales are organized physically on a specific site and live broadcasted on the Internet to allow potential buyers who wish to bid online from home.
  • « Online »: the sales are exclusively organized online for buyers to bid on the internet.

Whether you are a breeder, a horse trader, an association, or any individual, we offer you:

- A flexible marketing tool to help you organize YOUR sale.
- Our international network that will benefit your sale.

Our ambition: Connect potential buyers, professionals and amateurs, with breeders and owners of sport horses on an international scale.


How to buy

Step 1 - Register

Step 1

Register to Bid.
button "register"

Step 2 - Confirm

Step 2

Confirm your registration received by email.
(Don't forget to check the "spam" folder! If the mail was received here: add the email address to your contact so you don't miss anything from us!)

Step 3 - Login

Step 3

Log in.
On your first login you will be asked to verify your mobile phone number. You will reveive a code via sms. After entering this code your account is ready to bid.


Step 4 - Enjoy

Step 4

Enjoy !
Keep an eye on your bids in your "my bids" section.
Don't worry, you will also be notified by email in the case of an overbid!



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